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Eroluve Intimate Lubricant Review

There are so many different lubricants out there, it's hard to know which one is right for you. Most intimate lubes can be classified as either silicon-based lubricants, oil-based lubricants, or water-based lubricants. Each type of lube has its own pros and cons which may appeal to some people over others. Depending on how you like to get down, you may prefer one type over another. In order to figure it out, though, you have to know which lubricants do what, and which activities they are best suited for.

Some of the oldest lubes available for purchase today are oil-based. They've been around for centuries, and have a variety of different uses. In addition to being a sexual lubricant, you can use an oil-based lube for a sensual massage. Oily lubricants can also be used for more interesting types of foreplay if you're working with an edible one. The only problem with oil-based lubes is that you can't exactly practice safe sex with one. Since most condoms are made out of latex, and oil is known for destroying the integrity of latex, it is unsafe to combine the two.

Next, there's silicon-based lubricants. They are much more popular than oil-based lubes, even though they have a very singular purpose. Part of their popularity can be attributed to the fact that they tend to stay slippery and wet for longer than most other types of lubrication, even during extended bouts of intense friction. However, you shouldn't mix silicon-based lubricants with sex toys. Most intimate bedroom accessories are made from materials that are both pleasurably comfortable while also resistant to bacterial growth. Unfortunately, silicon lubricants destroy these materials the same way that oil-based lubricants erode condoms. To be fair, your sex toys may not fall apart overnight if they're exposed to a silicon lube. But it may create microscopic pockmarks on the surface, creating a safe space for harmful bacteria to thrive and grow.

Lastly, there are water-based lubricants. These are some of the least expensive and easiest to find out of all the other lubricants. They're perfectly safe to use with condoms and sex toys. There's only one drawback: because water evaporates so easily, they tend to dry out and not last as long as their silicon or oil-based counterparts. You'll either need to keep reapplying, which means that you'll have to purchase more lubricant more frequently, or hope that your partner likes quickies.

Well, drying out quickly used to be a problem for water-based lubricants - but not anymore. Now, there's an alternative to silicon, oil, and traditional water-based lubes which combines the benefits of all three with none of the drawbacks. It's called Eroluve, and it is the last intimate lubricant you will ever need to purchase. It's water-based, so you can use it with condoms and sex toys all you want. Furthermore, unlike other water-based lubricants, it can last as long - or longer - than any other type of lube. All you have to do is add a little spit or sprinkle a little water on the lubricant-covered area if your lovemaking becomes so intense that things begin to dry out. Eroluve will immediately absorb that moisture, no matter how little there is, and instantly become as slippery and slick as it was the moment you applied it. Eroluve is the lubricant that will go the distance with you and your lover between the sheets.

Ingredients in Eroluve

Pop quiz: can you guess what the main ingredient in Eroluve is? If you answered "water", then congratulations! You have earned 100 internet points. Feel free to spend them on your favorite memes, browser games, or other electronic sources of fun across the world wide web.

All kidding aside though, it would be a little silly if the main ingredient in a water-based lubricant was anything but water. Fortunately, Eroluve contains a lot more than just water. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a very effective sexual lubricant, now would it?

Beyond water, Eroluve contains a variety of safe, scientifically engineered humectants which keep this formula slippery and slick all night long. Humectants are synthetically derived substances which attract moisture and lock it in, increasing the endurance of Eroluve's viscosity. Not only do these humectants help insure that your lubricant keeps working effectively for a significant amount of time, but it's also the reason why it's so easy to refresh Eroluve with a bit of water and keep going instead of wasting lubricant by reapplying all the time.

But since we're on the subject of ingredients, we need to take a moment to talk about some ingredients that are not present in Eroluve, but are unfortunately common in other lubricants. These are parabens and sulfates. In recent years, there have been some safety concerns surrounding these types of chemicals. This is especially disconcerting when you think about exactly what your lube is going to touch when you are getting intimate with your partner. Many happy customers report that the absence of sulfates and parabens is one of the main reasons they decided to purchase Eroluve over other water-based lubricants.

How to Use Eroluve

Using Eroluve couldn't be simpler. For starters, it's a good idea to keep it near your bed (perhaps in the drawer of your night stand, for example) so that it's right there and ready to use whenever your intimate moments happen. When ready, squeeze a small amount of lubricant onto your fingers and apply it where needed. If it starts to dry out, you can replenish the moisture with saliva or a little bit of water.

How to Get Your Own Supply of Eroluve

Purchasing Eroluve for yourself is easier than you think. The manufacturer sells it directly to customers like you through their website. This saves you a lot of money by avoiding the retail mark-up you would have to pay if you bought it in a store. Shipping is fast and discreet. If you buy in bulk, you'll be eligible for substantial discounts - and maybe even some free gifts! Right now, they're running a special on Eroluve through a partnered vendor, Amazon. Just visit their website at Eroluve.com to find a special link that will give you a 50% discount!