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S3X Male Enhancement Review

For men who have recognized that they just don't have the same feeling of sexual desire, strength and stamina that they once did there comes a moment when they must decide whether or not they are just going to accept it as a fact of aging or just do something about it. For those are not ready to think of themselves as over the hill and past the need for a satisfying sexual life the choices of what to do about it are many. And, if these men have done their research they have probably come to realize that one of the most inexpensive, safe and discreet ways of handling this problem is to find a high quality male enhancement supplement. Unfortunately, that is not as easy a task as it may seem.

For decades the male enhancement market has found itself being flooded with cheap imitations and strange new formulas filled with ever exaggerated claims as they try to capture the attention of would be customers. So, for a guy who wants the best product things can become more than confusing in short order.

With this mind, and as part of our ongoing effort to help our readers find the best products that will get the job done for them we are here today to take a close look at one the male enhancement products that has been the recipient of a lot of buzz recently - it's called S3X.

S3X: The Details


Because S3X does not have an official website that can be found in any search that we made it makes it difficult for us or anyone who wants to dig into the details of this product. Putting that aside and looking at what information is available, what we do know is that S3X can be purchased through online retailers such as Amazon.com. What we found to be a little disconcerting is that, when looking at the multiple photos of the product bottle presented at Amazon.com, it is basically impossible to read the ingredients label as shown. Even using a magnifying glass and adjusting the screen resolution for maximum clarity does little to make more than just a few words in large print from the label legible. Probably the most important part of what can be read is that S3X uses what the manufacturer calls a Proprietary Matrix. This, for those who may not understand what this really means is simply a way of saying that the manufacturer does not want to disclose the exact quantities of their formula to anyone, especially their competition. Also, our further searches could not find any other source that allowed us to read the exact list of ingredients in S3X.

So, with this problematic lack of information about what's in S3X we are forced to turn to whatever information the producers chose to add as a description as a selling tool at the point of purchase. What we found there was a completely generic pitch which talks about how male enhancement supplements are designed to boost libido and sexual stamina. They also claim that certain, unnamed ingredients have been added to the formula to help the user achieve weight loss.

Regardless of these claims, the one and very important piece of information that is missing from any of their materials is any mention of verified research or clinical studies that relate to direct testing on this product.

User Reviews

As one would expect with user reviews found on an official website or on a selling page for a product there is an overwhelmingly number of positive comments. This, of course, is true when it comes to user reviews found on S3X's selling page on Amazon.com. Still, our research looking for more independent user reviews showed a very different picture. Of the many user reviews for S3X that we found on other men's health sites and chat rooms showed that the majority of users did not come away with a positive experience at all. In fact, the most of these independent user reviews seemed to stress that they saw no discernable effects from the use of S3X.

S3X: Pros

  • Available for purchase through major online retailers
  • Claims to be produced in GMP approved facilities
  • Offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

S3X: Cons

  • Lack of any information regarding verified research or clinical studies on S3X
  • Failure to provide a readable list of ingredients
  • Majority of independent user reviews were negative

S3X: Medical Concerns

Without having a complete or, in this case, partial list of ingredients and a formula that has been directly proven to have been tested and put through verifiable clinical research, it is difficult to says whether S3X is safe to use. That fact that most male enhancement supplements are made with all natural ingredients and so there is no need for any company who is trying to sell their product on an ongoing basis to put in an ingredients that could be considered potentially harmful. Still, any potential buyer should beware of purchasing a product without knowing what is and what is not in it. Also, it is always advisable for any men considering the use of a daily supplement of any kind to consult with his primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning such a regimen.

Our Conclusion

As discussed earlier, for men who have come to recognize that they are feeling like they have lost a step when it comes to sexual desire and stamina as well as their ability to even form a fully functioning and lasting erection the answer to these problems can likely be found in the use of a high quality male enhancement supplement. Unfortunately, that leads to the conundrum of having to wade through the sea of often bad choices to find the one that will work for them.

In examining S3X we found a product that, although the recipient of a lot of buzz, is at the very least, the victim of a poor marketing team or, just as likely, the product of a company more interested in putting out some pills in a shiny package to capture a share of a multi-billion dollar male enhancement supplement market. When we looked at S3X we found a product that hid its ingredients behind a "Proprietary Matrix" and did not feel like making sure that whatever ingredient information is does make public was made clearly visible to its potential customers.

Combine these facts with the lack of information based on verifiable research or clinical studies and a large amount of independent user reviews where the majority of them were overwhelmingly negative and you have a product that, by its own actions and inaction, clearly does not belong among the top-tier, highest level male enhancement supplements available on the market today.

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