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OxySurge Review

When sex becomes a source of anxiety and disappointment it's probably time to think about doing something to change that. Yes, both men and women have their own issues which can and often do get in the way of enjoying this essential part of life but for men those issues can show themselves much earlier in life and the devastating effects they can have on a man's sense of self-esteem and his relationships can be a real game changer and not for the better. So, when these types of problems appear it can be a hard thing to accept. But, when they do and when they become so bad that they cannot be ignored any longer every man has a choice to make - to accept that sex will either be a challenge or non-existent or to do something to correct the problem.

Before one begins to talk about the solution to the problem one should understand the problem and, in most cases, these types of problem which actually will affect nearly every man on earth at some point in time, are normally caused by the loss of ability to produce testosterone at a high level once they have reached full maturity and their systems begin to slow down. The result of this lowered testosterone often includes a reduction in lean muscle mass and the capacity to burn unwanted fat at a high rate. It also tends to have a great effect on a guy's sense of libido or sexual drive and can even lead to issues with forming or maintaining a rock solid erection.

When it comes to solutions it must be noted that up until just the last decade or so there was very little that men could do to combat these symptoms. But, with some amazing breakthroughs in science and its relationship to some often age old herbal studies we now have access to what most people tend to call the modern male enhancement supplement. Yes, these generally all-natural and non-prescription health aids are mostly designed to help aging men reboot their systems in order to bolster their ability to produce testosterone back to or near the level that they did during their prime physical years.

One issue that came about as a result of all of these amazing advances is the fact that, due to the great popularity and amazing success that they have had, the industry that produces them has virtually exploded with a plethora of new products to the point where there are literally hundreds of them, many of which have shown to be far less effective and sometimes less safe than the best that is available on the market today despite the fact that so many of them claim to use basically all of the same ingredients and provide nearly all of the same types of benefits.

To no one's surprise this has led to many male consumers having to deal with a lot of confusion and disappointment as they are left scratching their heads when it comes to deciding which product is right for them.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancers out here today - it's called OxySurge.

OxySurge Basics

OxySurge Pro

As a product of and which is also distributed by a company called Advantage Nutraceuticals, the OxySurge line of products appears to be centered around an idea which is different than many other products of this kind. This is due to the fact that it does not center its marketing strategy around the named male enhancement supplement which the company states is designed to increase the level of testosterone production but rather on an add on product which is a topical solution or cream that they call OxySurge Serum.

The selling point of the serum is to increase sexual arousal which the company claims will lead to longer and more powerful sexual experiences when applied directly to the genitalia immediately prior to a sexual encounter.

Science And OxySurge

Clearly the addition of ingredient labels to products of all kinds many years ago was a victory for consumers who wanted to know more about what was actually in the products that they bought. But, as helpful as that information can be there is another type of information that is even more useful especially when it comes to products that can have a significant effect on our health. What we're talking about here is data related to the way in which the product and its ingredients were formulated. To provide this type of information most companies will arrange for a large degree of research, study and testing including clinical trials.

Consulting with a wide variety of sources we were not able to locate any credible or verifiable sources of any research or testing data which might support the claims being made for OxySurge.

Independent User Reviews

Most consumers understand that the internet significantly changed how they view advertising for any number of products and services. Among the biggest changes was the advent of widely seen user reviews. Because of this these types of comments have become perhaps the most trusted way customers come to know and choose to purchase products and services. The only real issue with it is that most of the reviews are now viewed on websites and through other forms of marketing materials which are largely controlled by the seller. And, since the seller is highly unlikely to use any comments which are negative many of these reviews have what can only be described as an obvious and inherent bias. Taking that into account we always seek out more independent sources of user comments.

Using a survey of many industry websites having no apparent affiliation with OxySurge or its manufacturer plus a number of chat rooms and online forums dedicated to this subject we located a large array of independent OxySurge reviews. In a compilation of the ratings and overall scores it was made clear that the large majority of them had a less than positive opinion of this product.

Is OxySurge Safe To Use?

A glance back at the list of ingredients used in the formulation of this product shows that they are all widely used across the industry and in many of the top rated products offered by its competitors. With this in mind it is unlikely that there are any serious health risks for users with no serious medical issues. However, it is always best to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any product of a similar nature.

Purchasing OxySurge

OxySurge and its companion serum are sold exclusively through the official product website and a one month supply is currently priced at $39.95 each. There are also discounts available for larger purchases.

The OxySurge Conclusion

Being that male sexual and erectile dysfunction affects millions of men all over the globe they are turning more and more to high quality male enhancement supplements. Our goal here is to determine if OxySurge is one of the best options for dealing with these issues. To do that we decided to look at three main aspects.

The first was the list of ingredients and, as stated, they appear to be quite comparable to many of the leading brands on the market today. The second aspect deals with the way in which the OxySurge products were formulated and what data that may be available related to research, studies and clinical trials. Here we were not able to find any data that would suggest that these products were subjected to any research or testing of this kind. The third and final aspect dealt with what independent user reviews were saying and, as we pointed out, the vast majority of those that we found had a rather highly negative view of their experience.

To sum it all up it seems clear that OxySurge and its unorthodox approach does not measure up well against the best the industry has to offer men seeking help with lowered levels of testosterone production and sexual or erectile dysfunction.

For more information regarding high quality, top ranked male enhancement supplements available on the market today click here.

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