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M-Patch Review

No matter how hard you try to ignore it there is something that happened and there's just no escaping it. We're talking about the fact that you just don't feel like the man that you used be. You just don't feel as strong as you once did and there's no denying that you're putting on pounds. Beyond that, and perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that you just don't have quite the same drive when it comes to having sex and you may even be experiencing further symptoms of sexual dysfunction such as trouble forming or maintaining a rock solid erection.

This may have started recently or it may have been going on for years but the point you should keep in mind is that you are by no means alone in this. Yes, nearly every man will experience some perceptible signs of this nature and it usually starts somewhere around the age of thirty when, for most men, their body moves beyond its physical peak and many important bodily chemical processes begin to slow down. Most importantly, the male body's capacity to produce testosterone at a high level is likely to have the largest impact in this area. This critical male hormone is responsible for helping a man to build up and maintain large amounts of lean muscle mass as well as energy needed for stamina and endurance not to mention its role in promoting sexual drive or libido and sexual performance capabilities.

Fortunately, after centuries of no real answers to these problems, some great new scientific discoveries and their marriage with some often age old herbal studies have created what is widely known now as the modern male enhancement supplement. The new health aids have been a real game changer for men moving past their physical peaks and their success and popularity are undeniable in their ability to kick start the biochemical processes that help restore much if not all of a man's ability to produce high levels of testosterone.

Unfortunately, that same great success and popularity has brought a flood of products onto the world-wide market as company after company with the capacity to produce a pill and market it has jumped into the game hoping to get the slice of the now multi-billion dollar male enhancement supplement market. The real problem is that, even though most of these products use a combination of well-known ingredients and make nearly all the same claims, there is a lot of evidence that most do not compare well against the real industry leaders. But since that fact is not easily discernible there can be a great deal of confusion when trying to choose the best products.

This fact has led us to the point where we, as part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the best products, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancers on market today - it's called M-Patch.

What To Know About M-Patch


The key thing to understand about M-Patch is that it is fundamentally different from most other testosterone boosting male enhancers because of its delivery system. Whereas most male enhancement supplements are designed as oral supplements the M-Path was created as a dermal patch which is placed on the skin and delivers its payload of all-natural ingredients directly into the bloodstream through the skin. The producer claims that this obviously relieves problems for men who have trouble swallowing pills and delivers the contents into the bloodstream far faster and more effectively.

Key Claims of M-Patch

Not only, as discussed above, does M-Patch claim to add strength and vitality to a guy's waning biochemical system it also claims to help increase blood flow for stronger longer lasting and even larger erections. That's a lot to ask for and even more to promise so let's move on and see whether or not this product can live up to its lofty expectations.

Active Ingredients in M-Patch

Though the delivery system for this product in uncommon within the industry it clearly has chosen a well-recognized list of ingredients. They include:

Horny goat: Well-established for its traits which improve blood flow by raising the levels of nitric oxide within the bloodstream to increase the transmission of oxygen and nutrients to major muscle groups and organs.

Wild Yam: A respected yet not at all common ingredient used primarily as a libido booster.

Korean Ginseng: Perhaps the most widely used natural plant extract in health aid products of all kinds this element is known to have wide ranging beneficial effects.

Potency wood (Muira Puama) used to alleviate symptoms of impotence and especially in men dealing with issues surrounding testosterone loss.

Oyster shell: A crucial source of naturally occurring zinc, omega 3-fatty acids, potassium and magnesium. Also a prime source of vitamin A, B, C, E.

Licorice root: Used to bolster the focus on improving sexual drive which can have a highly impactful effect on many other physical factors of sexual performance.

Ingredients Vs. Formulation

A common sense and well-known method of assessing a product's safety and effectiveness is by looking at the ingredient list but a second and more powerful method is by consulting the data related to the way in which those ingredients were formulated. As an example of this methods import is to consider a product which utilizes all be best possible ingredients but which uses them in insufficient quantities. The final result would likely be a product that does not perform well against better formulated competition. To avoid these potential issues most reputable companies conduct certain research, studies and clinical tests.

Looking at all of the available information both from company and outside sources there is no evidence of any such research or testing available for public consumption.

What Real Users Say

Because most user testimonials and user reviews have an inherent bias based on the fact that they generally are found on websites and other marketing materials which are under the control of the sellers. Because of this we tend to look for less biased sources.

Scanning a number of industry related websites and chat rooms known to discuss male enhancement supplements we came upon a large quantity of independent user reviews. Looking at them in total it is clear that the majority of them were of a highly negative nature.

M-Patch Advantages

  • Dermal patch can be a quicker system of delivery over oral supplements
  • Eliminates numerous health concerns by using an all-natural ingredient list
  • Formulated to increase sexual drive, harden and grow erections while increasing sexual stamina and endurance

M-Patch Disadvantages

  • Available for purchase only through online retail outlets
  • Major Credit Cards are the only purchase option
  • Not Yet evaluated by the FDA
  • Independent user reviews are largely negative

Is M-Patch Safe To Use?

Despite the rather common list of ingredients there is some potential for health issues due to the dermal patch delivery system. As always, it is advisable to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use.

Purchasing M-Patch

At $89.95 for a one month supply M-Patch is one of the most expensive options that we, as reviewers, have ever come across. It is doubtful that the free trial offer can overcome that.

M Patch: The Final Conclusion

Any guy who wants to get back to being the man he used to be can consider a testosterone boosting male enhancement supplement. Taking a long hard look at M-Patch there are simply three core factors that must be examined.

One is the set of ingredients and here there is nothing special as either a positive or a negative. However, the choice of dermal path over an oral supplement does raise certain issues for some potential users. Another is the way in which the ingredients are formulated and here there is no data that we could find that would support the strong claims being attributed to this product. The last core factor is the fact that most independent users gave negative ratings for their experience.

In the end all of this adds up to a product that is not yet ready for prime time in relation to the best the industry has to offer men who want the benefits of a testosterone boost.

For more information regarding high quality male enhancement supplements available on the market today, click here.

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